The Bridge Community Project

Transforming Therapeutic Spaces: Enhancing Community Wellbeing Through Sustainable Energy Efficient Technology

The Bridge Community Project’s holistic approach to comfort and empowerment of its clients and members

The Bridge Community was founded to improve well-being and empower the people of West Lothian by tackling mental health issues through providing counselling and financial support, made possible through donations and acts of charity.

After consulting with an Energy Advisor from Business Energy Scotland, refurbishment of the counselling and office spaces was recommended, in order to improve the energy efficiency and aesthetics of the premises.

Kingsway Electrical was selected to carry out the Solar and EV charger project. We were able to overcome the challenges of a non-standard roof construction whilst maintaining, the correct weight distribution, wind loading and snow loading limitations. The installation team were able to install the solar system seamlessly due to the work put in during the research and planning phase, ensuring the project was completed without any unforeseen difficulties or expenses.

The refurbishment project has been a testament to the Bridge’s commitment to its clients, members, local community and environment. Its approach has created a welcoming and sustainable space for clients and members using an environmentally friendly, energy efficient space, which exemplifies the Bridge’s holistic approach to a personalised therapeutic service.

Key takeaways

  • Utilisation of available roof space to harness renewable energy to supply the building.
  • 38 solar panels for a combined output of 20.71 KW.
  • Estimated Annual Energy Generation of 15,128 KWh.
  • Estimated Annual Self-consumption of 42%.
  • Annual estimated bill reduction of 79%.
  • Annual Co2 savings of 3.8 tons equivalent to 726 Trees.

We’re delighted to have teamed up with Pete and the team from Kingsway Electrical for our solar and battery system and EV charger. Kingsway’s have played their part in enhancing our space, creating an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient Wellbeing hub that mirrors our holistic approach to community support. We’re grateful for their contribution in making our vision a reality!

Alan Davidson, Chief Executive Officer, The Bridge Community Project

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